Horizon Health Q & A

What is Horizon Health?
Horizon Health is Paris Community Hospital/Family Medical Center (PCH/FMC). We rebranded to Horizon Health in April 2018. The new name includes a new logo. Horizon Health locations include Paris Community Hospital, Paris Clinic, Chrisman Clinic, Oakland Clinic, EZ Care, and Senior Care, as well as the many services offered within each of those locations/facilities.

Has Paris Community Hospital/Family Medical Center been sold?
No. We remain a strong, independent organization with a local board of directors. Our legal name of Hospital & Medical Foundation of Paris, Inc. (HMFP) has not changed.

What does this mean for me as a patient?
• Expanded services and locations to meet your healthcare needs.
• Access to providers and technology not traditionally found in rural areas.
• Continued commitment to our mission of providing you and your family with the best possible healthcare.
• Same ownership, management, and employees that you have trusted for years.

Why rebrand?
Our decision to rebrand was based on several factors:

  1. To better convey our physical growth. New building projects include construction of a permanent EZ Care clinic, expansion of the hospital’s surgery area, and construction of a new rehabilitation services building (which will include dialysis services) on the main hospital campus.
  2. To better convey our reach and impact. Over the past few years we have experienced significant growth in physician recruitment, service line expansion, and quality. We now employ a full-time endocrinologist and urogynecologist, specialists not traditionally available in rural areas and lacking in even larger, nearby communities. Additionally, in 2017, the hospital received a five-star rating for patient satisfaction from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS), which is the highest rating possible.
  3. To create a sense of inclusion – that all of our physical locations are part of the same organization. Focus groups determined that Paris Community Hospital/Family Medical Center mentioned only two specific facilities and did not accurately reflect our services beyond those two locations. With our growth, our reach goes beyond Paris – and even Edgar County.
  4. To operate with a less cumbersome name than Paris Community Hospital/Family Medical Center for everyday use.

What did the rebrand process involve?
Our decision to rebrand was not made lightly. We had considered a new brand for more than two years. Several internal and external focus groups were held in 2017, with representatives from the communities we serve. A marketing consultant assisted in the process.

Why the name Horizon Health?
Horizon Health suggests a pioneering spirit; a healthcare organization committed to bringing the best solutions to the people it serves. Goal-driven and optimistic, the name envisions the good times to come, as well as the day-to-day aspect of “living on the horizon” in the open landscape of our home. Horizon Health is a reminder of our organization’s commitment to the future. 

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