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COVID-19 Testing

COVID Curbside Testing was discontinued November 2, 2020. This was due to anticipated weather, staffing, construction, and the need to address patient healthcare conditions beyond COVID.

Testing options

  • Contact your primary care provider – Testing is available at all Horizon Health clinics via an office visit. Remember that telemedicine visits can be requested.
  • Visit EZ Care in Paris or Marshall – Our walk-in clinics require no appointment in advance. However, all patients are required to see a provider prior to testing.
  • CVS Pharmacy – For people who have a known exposure but are not symptomatic, or are only seeking clearance to return to work, testing only is available at CVS.
  • Testing sites – The best place to get tested is the place most convenient to you. The Illinois Department of Public Health offers a listing of COVID testing sites.

What if I’m having trouble accessing these options?

Staffing concerns and increased demand have made wait times long. Please remember that we are in a pandemic. You may see full parking lots, especially at our EZ Care locations. We apologize for the inconvenience, but promise that we are making accommodations to the best of our ability.

Why do I have to go through all this trouble/wait so long when all I need is a rapid test?

  • Rapid tests are not something we ever guarantee. Our current supply has allowed us to do rapid testing, but we’re unsure how long that will remain.
  • The need for a rapid test is not indicated in all patients. The type of test ordered by your provider takes into considerations your exposure, symptoms, and viral timeline. Using a rapid test when it’s not indicated may give an inaccurate sense of security.

For patients who need results shared with a provider or employer, this release must be completed. Or, you can access the results of your test through your patient portal.

3 steps to take while waiting for your test result