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Past Winners

We would like to recognize the significant achievements of our past award winners at Horizon Health. We are very proud of their service and dedication and they continue to provide excellent service and care to our patients.

High-5 PRIDE Award

Nic Thomas, EMT-P, Emergency Medical Services (1/15/2021)
Rhonda Hess, CNA, Infusion Clinic (5/19/2020)
Jessi Cummins, Quality (10/14/2019)
Christina Hoffman, Marketing (10/14/2019)
Jake Lewis, EMS (10/25/2018)
Lori Davidson, Surgery (5/29/2018)
Tracy Whitaker, CNA, Orthopedics/Dermatology (3/23/2018)
Senior Cafe Staff (1/25/2018)
Chris Sprinkle, Purchasing (10/4/2017)
Whitney Sprinkle, FMC Business Office (10/4/2017)
Aaron Richardson, Radiology (6/26/2017)
DeAnn Brown, Lab (4/27/2017)
Tammy Huxford, Lab (4/27/2017)
Julayne Joseph, Lab (4/27/2017)
Nutritional Services Staff (2/13/2017)
Abby Barrett, Social Services (12/13/2016)
Amy Krabel, Respiratory Services (12/13/2016)
Tami Klotz, Occupational Health (12/8/2016)
Erin Frank, PR/Marketing/Grant Writing (11/14/2016)
Larry Williamson, Environmental Services (8/22/2016)
Linda Abrams, Health Information (12/4/2015)
Joanna Knoepfel, Information Services (12/4/2015)
Terri McCarty, Information Services (12/4/2015)
Dan Bruner, Laboratory (9/24/2015)
Michelle Martin, Laboratory (6/11/2015)
Lori Davidson, Surgical Services (3/19/2015)
Sabrina Vale, Environmental Services (10/30/2014)
Marty Adams, Finance Dept. (10/30/2014)
Connie Rhoads, LCSW, Senior Care (10/23/2014)
Danny Bishop, Environmental Services (5/16/2014)
Lauren Stolz, Administration (11/5/2013)
Morgan Kincaid, DPT, Rehab Services (9/23/2013)
Michelle Wilken, FMC Registration (7/24/2013)
Dr. Olusegun Ishmael, ED/Hospitalist Director (5/14/2013)
Missy Witmer, Housekeeping (5/1/2013)


Amanda Talamantes, APRN, FNP (6/9/2021)
Angie Hamilton, APRN, FNP (8/26/2019)
Lorre Wesley, RN (2/13/2019)
Tiffany Turner, MSN, CNO (6/19/2018)
Angela Fisher, RN (1/30/2018)
Eunice Chaney, RN, BSN (6/7/2017)
Hellie Smith, RN (5/10/2017)
Shannon Jones, RN (11/14/2016)
Mary Barker, RN (8/30/2016)
Dawn Welch, RN (8/30/2016)
ER Dept. Staff (12/21/2015)
Lacey Stults, RN (12/4/2015)
Debbie George, RN (8/21/2015)
Rachel Massey, RN (3/19/2015)
Jane Furry, RN, BSN (10/23/2014)
Tiffany Sallee, LPN (5/27/2014)
Katie Clements, LPN (5/16/2014)
Susan Livvix, MSN (11/5/2013)
Samantha McCarty, RN (11/5/2013)
Scott Williamson, CRNA (7/24/2013)
Rhonda Walker, RN (5/9/2013)
Darcie Mathews, RN (5/9/2013)