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At this time, this function is available only for family medicine providers. If you need an appointment with a specialist, please find your provider in the list at the bottom of this page and call the office.

View our list of Specialist Providers here.

Specialist Providers

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Susan Arp, APRN, FNP, Women's Health, (217) 466-4475

Jeff Bollenbacher, DO, Orthopedics, (217) 466-4714

Leighsa Cornwell, RN, BS, CDE, Diabetes Education, (217) 466-4228

Yaniv Cozacov, MD, General Surgery, (217) 466-4033

Rakesh Garg, MD, Neurology, (217) 466-4141

Angela Hamilton, APRN, FNP, Dermatology, Orthopedics, (217) 466-4714

Phillip Holloway, DPM, Podiatry, Wound Care, (217) 465-8438

Maria Horvat, MD, Women's Health, (217) 466-4475

Jihui Li, MD, General Surgery, (217) 466-4543

Harish Kempegowda, MD, Orthopedics/Spine, (217) 466-4714

Donna Kerns, APRN, FNP-BC, Cardiology, (217) 466-4040

Arturo Menchaca, MD, Urogynecology, (217) 466-4587

Mehmoodur Rasheed, MD, Rheumatology, (217) 466-4690

Edward Rico, MD, Endocrinology, (217) 466-4689

Adam Schneider, DNP, CRNA, NSPM-C, Pain Management, (217) 466-4226

Alicia Sledge, APRN, MSN, Gastroenterology, (217) 466-4060

Karen Smith, APRN, FNP, Endocrinology, (217) 466-4689

Wahid Tazudeen, MD, Neurology, (217) 431-8400

Ronald Wheeler, MD, Orthopedics, (217) 466-4714

Joy Williams, APRN, FNP, Dermatology, (217) 466-4714

Glen Yang, MD, Urology, (217) 466-4661