Hospitalist Program

Providing dedicated physician coverage for inpatient care.

Our Program

Launched in 2010, our hospitalist program provides dedicated care to hospitalized patients. 

Hospitalist programs are traditionally associated with larger metropolitan hospitals. However, Paris Community Hospital has adopted this service to ensure physician availability for inpatients. 

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What is a Hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a physician, much like a primary care doctor, who specializes in the care of hospitalized patients only. Hospitalists at Horizon Health can treat most serious illnesses and are a multi-disciplinary team of high quality physicians.

Your primary care physician may choose to refer you to a hospitalist, who will care for you throughout your hospital stay. While you are in the hospital, the hospitalist will keep your primary care physician informed about your condition. He or she can even help you arrange follow-up care with your doctor before you are discharged.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a hospitalist if I have a primary care physician?
Your primary care provider has the option of utilizing our Hospitalist Program, which provides you with around-the-clock physician care as a hospital patient. Although a hospitalist may care for you throughout your hospital stay, your primary care physician is still involved in your daily medical care. The hospitalist is always in close contact with your primary care doctor while treating you inside the hospital.

Who do I follow up with after my hospital stay?
Before you leave the hospital, a hospitalist and our nursing staff will provide you with health instructions and help you arrange for any follow-up care with your primary doctor. A member of our hospitalist inpatient team will follow up with you within 72 hours after you are discharged. Once you leave the hospital, you will continue to see your primary care doctor for all of your healthcare needs.

Is the hospitalist now my primary care doctor?
No. Hospitalists only provide medical care to patients who are admitted to the hospital.

Can I choose my hospitalist?
Hospitalists work rotating 24-hour shifts, so it is difficult to say which physician you will see during your hospital stay. However, one of our highly qualified hospitalists is always available to care for you. Each of them has extensive hospitalist experience. In addition, all of our hospitalists are American Heart Association certified in advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support, and advanced trauma life support.


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