Other Specialized Programs

In addition to the full scope of physical, occupational, and speech therapy services the Horizon Health rehab team provides, the department also offers the following specialized programs:

Momentum Program -
This injury prevention program is for athletes of all ages. Momentum identifies and corrects movement faults that may lead to injury. Licensed therapists utilize a research-based Functional Movement Screen (FMS)--free to all athletes--to score each athlete and compare it against established standards.  Following the screen, individual Momentum sessions address identified areas of weakness and movement compensation. A medical referral is not required for the Momentum program.

Balance Program - Designed to decrease a patient's risk for falling, our balance program addresses a variety of impairments. Licensed therapists perform extensive evaluation of strength, flexibility, balance reactions and safety awareness. Skilled therapy sessions focus on challenging a patient's balance in the safety of the clinic to perform activities they may not be able to perform without the assistance of a therapist. In addition to home exercise programs, patients are educated in the safety and prevention of falling.

Cancer Program - With the increase in survival rates of patients with cancer, more emphasis is being placed on treating the impairments left behind. Our cancer program focuses on manual treatments for pain relief, strengthening, balance activities, and if needed, lymphedema treatments. Each program is individualized and one-on-one to help each patient reach their goals.

COPD Program
- Staffed by licensed therapy staff using evidence-based treatment protocols, patients are lead through aerobic and strengthening exercises to decrease the impairments due to COPD. Patients are monitored during exercise and extensively educated in breathing techniques and energy conservation. Treatments are individualized and one-on-one.

Headache Program - After extensive evaluation, patients are treated for postural impairments, muscle tightness and weakness that are proven to be directly linked to various types of chronic headaches. Patients are educated in prevention techniques and given tools to continue to prevent their headaches long after therapy is over.


- Our licensed therapists are very experienced in treating children ages 0-21 for a variety of impairments. From orthopedic issues to developmental delays, neurological conditions to coordination impairments, our pediatric staff can work with the patient and family to meet any type of goal.

Running Analysis
- A licensed physical therapist will record, and subsequently analyze, a patient's biomechanics while running on a treadmill. Video is assessed frame-by-frame to determine abnormalities, which can then be addressed through skilled physical therapy sessions and individualized home exercise programs.

Vertigo Program
- Vertigo is typically described as dizziness/spinning that occurs with certain movements. Our vertigo program includes an extensive evaluation to assess the various causes of dizziness or vertigo, followed by individualized treatment depending on evaluation results. Frequently, patients get relief in only one or two treatments.

Wheelchair Prescription
- A licensed physical therapist will perform a functional mobility evaluation to determine needs for manual or power wheelchair. Recommendations for customization of chairs is then determined and submitted to the patient's company of choice. If applicable, the therapist will then collaborate with a seating specialist to design the ultimate wheelchair for each patient.

Work Conditioning
- Our licensed therapists work closely with patients after work-related injuries to help them return to work quickly and safely. Sessions are up to two hours and are focused on work-related activities individualized to each patient's job description.

Parkinson's Disease Programs - Our "LSVT BIG" and "LSVT LOUD" programs are designed to help patients with Parkinson's disease. LSVT LOUD addresses voice and speech disorders. LSVT BIG is an intensive physical therapy program to improve motor function. Watch the video featuring a LSVT BIG participant. Watch the interview with WEIU-TV.

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