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Through knowledge and experience, the Administrative Team makes important decisions regarding the future of our organization and the community.

  • Oliver Smith Oliver Smith President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Martin Adams Martin D. Adams, CPA Vice President of Finance & Chief Financial Officer
  • Anita Toussi Anita Toussi, MD Chief Medical Officer
  • Rachel Kelley, MS-HC, BSN, CHCM Vice President of Nursing & Chief Nursing Officer

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of volunteers from the community who govern our organization.

  • Nolan Longest Chair
  • Mary Liz Wright Mary Liz Wright Vice Chair
  • Rahat Sheikh, MD Chief of Medical Staff
  • Renee Craig Renee Craig Treasurer
  • Brian Blair Brian Blair Secretary
  • Dave Frisse Dave Frisse

  • Tom Hebermehl Tom Hebermehl

  • Scott Hogan Scott Hogan

  • Jaime Houlihan Jaime Houlihan

  • Darrin Johnson Darrin Johnson

  • Mandy Neal Mandy Neal

  • Doug Smittkamp

    Doug Smittkamp
  • Bruce Young

    Bruce Young

  • Reid Sutton, MD

Management Team

Our Management Team is instrumental in leading the individual departments that make up our organization.