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Mobile Integrated Healthcare

Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) provides in-home medical visits for people with chronic and complex medical conditions.

Program makes patient feeler safer at home

Why MIH?

The goal of the MIH service is to prevent unnecessary or repeated emergency room visits and hospitalizations. The service also provides support to patients who face transportation barriers getting to and from medical appointments and those who have social service needs.

Who is eligible?

Patients with a chronic medical condition – such as hypertension, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF), or COVID-19 – can enroll in the service. Commonly, someone who has been a part of your care team will encourage/refer you into the service.

What does the service include?

The service consists of paramedics and other medical personnel who have expanded their practices to include in-home visits. They work collaboratively with nurse practitioners/physicians to provide oversight on each patient's medical management.

During their visits, the team performs a health assessment complete with vital signs and physical examination. The team provides education about medications and may recommend lifestyle changes to improve your quality of life.

In-home visits are commonly performed on days 1, 3, and 5 following a patient's discharge from the hospital, and as needed thereafter.

How do I participate in the service?

You must be referred by a Horizon Health medical professional, such as a primary care provider, emergency physician, or care coordinator.

Mobile Integrated Healthcare is a clinic room we bring to you. Paramedics act as a physician extender—the eyes, ears, and hands of the provider.

If you believe you may qualify for MIH, or to learn more, call 217-466-4911.