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Meals on Wheels

Meals are available for a small fee and are delivered inside the city limits of Paris. However, meals can be picked up by friends or family members for delivery to individuals who live outside of the city limits.

  • A single meal costs $3 a day. This consists of an entrée, vegetable, potato/starch, cold salad, dessert, bread, margarine, and juice or milk.
  • A double meal costs $4.50 a day. This consists of the single meal plus a second entrée, salad, dessert, bread, milk or juice.
  • If you are on a special diet, then your meal will be based on what is allowed on that diet.
Helpful phone numbers:

Sign up to receive meals: 217-466-4326
Sign up to deliver meals: 217-466-4326
Request assistance to pay for meals: 217-466-4298
Make a donation to Meals on Wheels: 217-465-1234