Paris Community Hospital

721 E. Court St.
Paris, IL 61944 

Phone: (217) 465-4141
*Email: ParisHospital@myhorizonhealth.org

Walk-in Clinic EZ Care

1 Phipps Lane
Paris, IL 61944

Phone: (217) 463-4340

Paris Clinic

727 E. Court St.
Paris, IL 61944

Phone: (217) 465-8411
*Email: ParisClinic@myhorizonhealth.org

Chrisman Clinic

112 W. Madison Ave.
Chrisman, IL 61924

Phone: (217) 269-2394
*Email: ChrismanClinic@myhorizonhealth.org

Oakland Clinic

5 S. Walnut St.
Oakland, IL 61943

Phone: (217) 346-2353
*Email: OaklandClinic@myhorizonhealth.org

NAL Health Clinic

1 Phipps Lane
Paris, IL 61944

Phone: (217) 463-4901

Senior Care

15323 US Highway 150
Paris, IL 61944

Phone: (217) 466-4170
*Email: SeniorCare@myhorizonhealth.org

*(The above emails are for general inquiries only and are not secure. No personal information, such as date of birth, medical condition, prescription information, etc., should be emailed. Nor will medical advice be provided via email. If you are seeking medical information, contact your provider or visit your patient portal.) 

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