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Regular screenings are important to maintain good health. We offer a variety of wellness screenings.

Screenings are medical tests that look for a disease when no symptoms are present. They allow potential problems to be identified early, when treatment works best.

Some screenings can be done at the request of the patient, while others require a provider order.

Most insurances cover screening tests at 100 percent. Contact your plan for details.

No medical order needed

Medical order required

Note that the list below is not all inclusive. Other screenings may be ordered by your medical provider.

Monthly Health Screenings

Blood pressure, blood sugar, and lipid panel (HDL, LDL, and triglycerides) screenings are provided. For blood sugar tests, patients are asked to fast eight hours prior to the screening.

  • Price: $25.
  • Registration Instructions: Appointment required. Call Leighsa Cornwell at 217-466-4228.
  • Thursday, June 22 @ 7 - 9am