Primary Care

The primary care providers at Horizon Health offer high quality healthcare for a wide range of conditions and treatments.

Family Medicine

Our evaluation and treatment plans are designed to meet your individual general health needs. We also provide specialist referrals in more detailed circumstances.

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Importance of an Annual Checkup

Annual checkups are important for your overall health because they can prevent future issues and diagnose conditions in their early stages. Checkups with your primary care physician will give you the tools and knowledge to live a long and healthy life.


  • Diabetes
  • Allergies
  • Mental health conditions
  • Minor injuries 
  • Chronic illness management


We offer treatments for general health issues that do not require emergency or specialist care.


What to Expect

Your first visit to the Paris Clinic will consist of filling out paperwork, an evaluation from a nurse and your primary care provider, and suggestions on possible treatment options going forward. Prepare to bring any documents or other items you think you need to properly assess your health and wellness.



What Our Patients are Saying

 "I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this clinic to anyone. I've always received splendid care from providers here. A+!"

"This was my first visit to your facility. I was very pleased."

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Paris Clinic

727 East Court Street
Paris, IL 61944
(217) 465-8411

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Chrisman Clinic

112 W. Madison Ave.
Chrisman, IL 61924
(217) 269-2394

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Oakland Clinic

5 S. Walnut St.
Oakland, IL 61943
(217) 346-2353

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Meet Our Team

Arun Bajaj, MD


Lauren Fore, MD


Manish Gorasiya, MD


Rahat Sheikh, MD


Kumar Sodvadiya, MD


Samantha Volstorf, APRN, FNP


Debbie Griffin, APRN, FNP, CDE


Kayla Ogle, APRN, FNP


Charlene Moore, APRN, FNP


Danielle Ireland, APRN, FNP


Kristina Gabbard, APRN, FNP


Casey Anderson, APRN, FNP


Paige Wampler, APRN, FNP


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