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Behavioral & Mental Health Services in Paris, IL

Experienced Providers Serving Patients of All Ages

At Horizon Health, we understand that mental health is just as crucial as physical health. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to address the unique needs of individuals and families in our community.

What are Mental Disorders?

Mental disorders are conditions that affect your thinking, emotions, and behavior. They can be caused by a complex interplay of biological, psychological, and social factors.

Here's a breakdown of some key characteristics of mental disorders:

  • Changes in Thinking Patterns: Individuals with mental disorders may experience negative thought patterns, intrusive thoughts, or difficulty controlling their thoughts.
  • Emotional Shifts: Persistent feelings of sadness, anxiety, hopelessness, or irritability can be indicators of a mental health condition.
  • Behavioral Changes: Significant changes in sleep or appetite, social withdrawal, difficulty concentrating, or increased use of substances are all potential signs of a mental disorder.
  • Physical Manifestations: Unexplained fatigue, headaches, or body aches that don't respond to typical treatment can sometimes be linked to mental health issues.

It's important to note that experiencing occasional emotional distress or life challenges is a normal part of the human experience. However, if these symptoms become persistent and significantly impact your daily life, seeking professional help from a qualified mental health professional is crucial.

Early intervention and treatment can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals living with mental disorders. If you're concerned about yourself or a loved one, Horizon Health offers a variety of resources and services to support your mental well-being.

Mental Health Treatment Options

Horizon Health's approach to mental health care focuses on four key areas:

  • Psychiatry Services: Our psychiatrists provide expert evaluation, diagnosis, and medication management for a variety of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, ADHD, and bipolar disorder.
  • Psychology Services: Psychologists offer individual and group therapy sessions, helping individuals develop coping mechanisms, improve emotional regulation, and build resilience.
  • Social Services: Our social workers provide support with navigating complex social issues, finding community resources, and addressing challenges that can impact mental well-being, such as housing insecurity or food scarcity.
  • Senior Care: Our specialized team caters to the specific needs of older adults, offering services that address issues like dementia, depression, and anxiety in later life.

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How to Get Mental Health Help

If you're experiencing symptoms of mental health distress, it's important to know that you're not alone. Horizon Health offers accessible and convenient options to get you the support you deserve.

  • Schedule an Appointment: We offer in-person and virtual appointments at various clinic locations throughout Edgar County.
  • Crisis Services: For immediate support in the case of a mental health crisis, please contact (217) 712-9766. They are available 24/7 to provide assistance and connect you with appropriate resources.

Horizon Health offers a variety of behavioral/mental health services to meet the diverse needs of our communities. Our specialists see children and adults, offering in-person and virtual appointments. We are committed to being your partner in achieving optimal mental health.

Contact our team today at (217) 466-4814.


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