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Hero Helper

Emergency responders can face unique challenges when attending to children and adults who have special needs.

To ensure favorable outcomes, Horizon Health Emergency Medical Services (EMS) offers a free service to Edgar and Clark County residents called Hero Helper. The program helps emergency crews quickly identify whether a home or vehicle emergency involves a person with special needs so they can respond accordingly.

How does Hero Helper work?

Hero Helper offers three ways to ensure the safety of people with special needs experiencing an emergency:

In the Home
  • Door or window decal – A Hero Helper decal is placed on a window or door (Horizon Health EMS will help determine decal placement). The decal indicates that a person with special needs is inside, and that a Hero Helper information packet is attached to the refrigerator.
  • Information packet – The Hero Helper information packet includes important medical information first responders should know in an emergency. The packet is placed in a magnetic sleeve protector and attached to the refrigerator for easy reference. (Complete form now)
In a Vehicle
  • Window decal – A Hero Helper decal is placed inside a vehicle window, alerting first responders that a person with special needs is inside.
  • Seat belt cover – A Hero Helper seat belt cover identifies a person inside has special needs. The seat belt cover has a pocket that holds Hero Helper paperwork.
911 Integration
  • Proper planning can help ensure a positive outcome should an emergency occur. Families can complete an online form (link) to identify that someone with special needs is in the home. This helps prepare crews to deliver the fastest, most appropriate care prior to arriving on scene.

Join Now

Complete the form to enroll in Hero Helper.

Horizon Health EMS will contact you with further details. They will deliver all window decals and seat belt covers and assist with placing them in the appropriate locations. For more information, email or call 217-466-4131.