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Prescription Assistance

Horizon Health’s partnership with Nationwide Prescription Connection (NPC) helps patients get the prescription medicines they need, but cannot afford. This money-saving initiative is paid for by Horizon Health and free to patients, unlike other programs that charge a fee.

Start saving now!

Call NPC at 888-231-2780, or ask your Horizon Health provider for more information.

NPC saves patients money on a variety of high-cost prescriptions, including insulin, inhalers, and blood thinners. This eliminates the burden of patients having to find those programs themselves, which can be time consuming and confusing.

A medication may qualify for multiple discount programs, with each having its own eligibility requirements and application process. NPC provides value by managing those programs and processes.

Note: Prescriptions must be written by a Horizon Health provider to qualify for program discounts.

How does it work?

NPC connects patients with discounted prescription medicine programs and handles the application process for those who quality. NPC provides the following services:

  • Identifies medication assistance programs
  • Completes the application(s)
  • Requests your signature for the forms
  • Obtains the prescription & authorization from your prescribing provider
  • Submits the application(s)
  • Follows up with the pharmaceutical companies to ensure a timely response
  • Notifies you when your application(s) have been processed
  • Sets up medication shipments, which are usually direct to your home
  • Reminds you when it is time to reapply

What patients are saying

"NPC has truly help me financially and lifted the weight off my shoulders on how I was going to afford my medication and live. I am very thankful for all the help they have provided.”

Chad, age 48
Monthly Savings–$3,105.88

"I am so pleased with the service I have received throughout this process. I am incredibly grateful for NPC."

Robert, age 62
Monthly Savings–$1,898.28

"The medication assistance has helped my wife and I tremendously. We cannot thank NPC enough."

Stewart, age 78
Monthly Savings–$1,991.27