PCH/FMC Diabetes Education Program Merits ADA Recognition

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The diabetes education program at Paris Community Hospital/Medical Center has been re-awarded recognition from the American Diabetes Association (ADA). The merit recognizes PCH/FMC’s diabetes education program for its effective and high-quality diabetes self-management of education and treatment.

A team of healthcare professionals develop individual treatment plans, following ADA standards of care for each patient. The diabetes education program is broken down into three separate components: Diabetes Management, Nutrition Education/Counseling, and Wound Care.

Leighsa Cornwell, RN, BS, IBCLC, is the community health/disease management coordinator at PCH/FMC. In her role as diabetes educator, she teaches pre-diabetics and diabetics about diabetes. She offers additional information about treatment options, as well as how to improve blood sugars, diet, exercise, and goal setting. Cornwell also teaches patients how to monitor their blood sugars and prevent complications from out-of-range blood sugar levels.

Since it is important to be aware of fasting glucose levels, especially with a family history of diabetes, Cornwell offers reduced-fee cholesterol/glucose screenings each month for $25. These screenings can be made by appointment without a physician referral.

PCH/FMC dietitian Jan Coombe, RD, MS, LD, offers proper nutritional information for diabetic patients and their families. Her role as a medical nutrition therapy educator involves serving inpatients’ and outpatients’ nutritional needs. Additionally, her goal is to educate family members about nutrition, weight reduction, and pre-bariatric counseling. The goal is to allow patients to control their nutritional outcomes.

Dieting and exercising can improve glucose management, making the body more sensitive to insulin production. Blood glucose levels can be lowered by these actions, making it easier for diabetics to become one-step healthier. The Nutritional Education/Counseling department teaches patients how to read nutritional labels and make healthy food choices. The Nutritional Education/Counseling Department also provides services to patients with cardiovascular diseases, diverticulosis, celiac disease, and more.

Leslie Brown, RN, BSN, WCC, DWC, is PCH/FMC’s wound care manager. She recently became Diabetic Wound Care Certified (DWC) by the National Alliance of Wound Care and Wound Care Education Institute. The wound care program focuses on overall diabetic wound care and promotion of an optimal wound healing environment. The wound care department treats non-healing wounds, which are especially common in diabetes.

Dr. Holloway, DPM, a board-certified podiatrist, is the medical director of the Wound Care Center. He established the PCH Wound Care Center, which was the first of its kind in the Wabash Valley.

Since nearly 6 million American’s suffer from diabetic wounds, circulatory problems, and other conditions each year, PCH/FMC’s Wound Care Center teaches prevention, as well as therapeutic and rehabilitative interventions to visiting patients.

In addition to the diabetes education staff, PCH/FMC has the resources of three on-staff ADA recognized physicians to help care for diabetic patients: Leland Phipps, MD; Reid Sutton, MD; and Bert Akerman, MD.

For more information about the Paris Community Hospital/Family Medical Center diabetes education program, call Leighsa Cornwell at (217) 465-2606, Ext. 228.