Vaccinations: Shots Can Change the World

Vaccinations: Shots Can Change the World

woman holding child with a doctorThe first immunizations for baby come as a shock to him and heartache to his parents– they both end up crying. But the benefits for him are life-long.

Vaccinations are the shots that can change the world. And immunizations are not just for children. People of all ages can be protected from serious diseases by getting needed injections.

As school begins, children and college students line up for shots; and as flu season comes, adults are making their appointments. Paris Community Hospital recognizes National Immunization Awareness Month during August by providing this information to the public. Together we fight disease and promote wellbeing and education in our community.

Vaccines are largely credited with the control of many serious and even deadly diseases that once were common in our country. Consistent immunizations have, to a great extent, diminished, and in some cases eliminated, diseases that once sickened and killed tens of thousands of infants, children, and adults. Maintaining high immunization rates among the U.S. population continues to protect us from these vaccine-preventable diseases.

In addition to vaccinations, other factors have facilitated the rise in general health and wellbeing. Improved hygiene habits, improved nutrition, immediate and excellent medical care, the introduction and prevalent use of antibiotics, and other means have contributed to the management of many illnesses. Today exercise, a healthy diet, avoiding and managing stress, vitamin and mineral supplements, and cutting out tobacco use aid a healthy lifestyle, bolster the immune system, and are encouraged by the medical profession. Still, vaccines remain the best defense in protecting people of all ages from serious diseases.

Vaccinations are shots that can change the world. The contrast is stark between countries that practice vaccinations and those that do not. In countries where immunizations aren’t available, death rates of children and infants due to vaccine-preventable diseases can be as high as 50%. For a dramatic demonstration of the valuable effect of vaccinations, check out this graphic.

Paris Community Hospital/Family Medical Center has been serving our community for nearly 50 years. We continue to provide expert, in-hospital care, community education, out-patient care, and emergency services when you need them. For information regarding Paris Community Hospital’s immunization services, or for an appointment, call (217) 463-1946.