Chrisman Woman Loses 100 Pounds in Less Than a Year

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Credits Horizon Health’s Medical Weight Loss Clinic

Lisa Henson, of Chrisman, says losing 100 pounds in less than a year was the easiest thing she’s ever done.

She credits her success to Horizon Health’s Medical Weight Loss Clinic. The clinic utilizes a medically-supervised, scientifically based approach, called Ideal Protein, which promotes fat loss while supporting muscle mass.

“I tell everybody it was extremely easy,” Henson said. “I feel like I’m more outgoing and active than I was before, especially with my grandchildren.”

Ideal Protein is a four-phase program featuring one-on-one coaching and balanced lifestyle education to help maintain results after dieting. The program promotes protein and controls carbohydrates—while staying within a person’s daily allotment of protein.

“The most weight reduction probably happens in the first week, which is a positive motivator to keep you going,” Henson explained.

Participants eat three packets of Ideal Protein foods per day – one at breakfast, lunch, and another as a snack. Dinner consists of their own meal that should include eight ounces of protein and a vegetable.

“People talk about the cost and say it’s too expensive, and it’s not,” Henson said. “You’re going to eat something anyway. I thought it was reasonably priced.”

A weight-loss coach helps guide participants along their weight-loss journey, conducting weekly weight checks and documenting inches lost. Suzi Cusick, certified nursing assistant, serves as the clinic’s weight-loss coach. She works closely with Crystal White, family nurse practitioner, manager of the program.

“If you have any questions or problems Suzi is always there with answers,” Henson said. “I like the weight loss coach because it gives you the accountability to do well every week.”

Henson said she chose Ideal Protein because she wanted to lose weight but couldn’t exercise due to arthritic knees.

“I would walk and be in such pain,” she said. “It was hard for me to even stand and cook a meal. The no-exercise aspect of this, but still losing weight, is really what pushed me (toward Ideal Protein).”

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