Chrisman Clinic Offers More Services

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Includes behavioral health, dermatology, reading program

Behavioral health, dermatology, and a children’s reading program are just some of the services now available at Horizon Health’s Chrisman Clinic.

“Chrisman is a long-standing clinic of ours that we continue to invest in,” said Lacey Stults, BSN, RN, CRHCP, clinic director at Horizon Health. “By providing additional services, we are addressing the important healthcare needs that exist in our communities.”

Behavioral Health Services

Danielle Ireland has completed training as a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner. She provides outpatient psychiatric services for patients of all ages, including children age 5 and older. She treats common to complex conditions, such as ADHD, addiction, anxiety, child behavior or academic issues, obesity and/or eating disorders. Other conditions include bipolar disorder, dementia, depression, insomnia, PTSD, and schizophrenia. Danielle is able to prescribe behavioral health-related medications when appropriate, including treatments for drug addiction.

In addition to her behavioral health practice, Danielle continues to see patients for their primary care needs. Kristina Gabbard, also a nurse practitioner at the clinic, provides primary care at the clinic as well.

Danielle offers in-person behavioral health appointments Monday, from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm; and Tuesday through Thursday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. For an appointment, call 217-269-2394.


Dermatology services are provided by Joy Williams, nurse practitioner who specializes in dermatology, on Fridays, from 8:30 am to noon. Joy offers comprehensive treatments for diseases and conditions affecting the skin, hair, and nails. She provides treatments for acne, eczema, psoriasis, shingles, skin tags, rashes, skin cancers, performs skin checks, and much more.

To make an appointment with Joy, call 217-466-4716.

National Reading Program

The Chrisman Clinic, with funding from the Horizon Health Foundation of East Central Illinois, participates in the national “Reach Out and Read” program. The program provides a new book to children (infants to age 5) at each well-child visit. Parents also receive encouraging advice about reading aloud to their children, which fosters brain development and creates a foundation for success.

Other Services

Other services at the Chrisman Clinic include the following:

  • The Vaccines For Children program, a federally funded, state-administered program that provides free vaccines to eligible children ages 18 and younger. The program covers those enrolled in Medicaid, who are uninsured, or under-insured.
  • Rapid strep, flu, and COVID-19 testing as part of a provider visit.
  • Same-day appointments are available at the clinic.
  • Online scheduling available at

For more information about the Chrisman Clinic, call 217-269-2394.