Horizon Health Announces Changes for COVID-19 Testing

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Curbside Services Discontinued

As seasons change, so does the testing process for COVID-19 at Horizon Health.

Beginning Monday, November 2, COVID Curbside Testing will be dissolved. COVID testing will continue to be available at all Horizon Health clinics, including EZ Care.

“There are several reasons for this change,” said Lacey Stults, Horizon Health clinic director. “Not the least of which is weather.”

Other reasons for the change include campus construction and the need to address patient healthcare conditions beyond COVID.

COVID Testing Updates:

  • COVID testing is available at all Horizon Health clinics via an office visit. An appointment is required prior to arrival, except for EZ Care locations.
  • For general COVID questions, call the Horizon Health COVID resource line at 217-466-4833.
  • Cost of testing is billed to your insurance. Horizon Health is not a government-funded testing site. Turnaround time for results depends on testing volumes and the type of test appropriate for your circumstances. Note that a negative test result does not lift the need to quarantine if you have been contacted by the Public Health Department.

    o  Free COVID testing: Horizon Health does not provide free, government-funded COVID testing. For a list of these locations, visit the Illinois Department of Public Health’s website.

    o  PCR/Send-out testing: As the name suggests, these tests are not performed onsite. Rather, this testing is coordinated with LabCorp. If you are not showing any symptoms of COVID, this is the preferred test. Send-out test results generally take a few days (3-5). You must quarantine until your test results are received. PCR testing is often mandated by organizational entities. Schools in the state of Illinois, for example, only accept results from PCR testing (or a note showing a non-COVID diagnosis).

    Rapid testing: In instances where appropriate, the provider may use rapid testing. Rapid testing can be indicated when symptoms of COVID are present. Rapid testing results are quicker than PCR tests—generally the same day.

• All positive results are reported to the Public Health Department as required, including rapid tests.

“Our response to the COVID pandemic is ever-changing,” said Ollie Smith, Horizon Health president and CEO. “No one could have predicted that we would be operating in this way for so long. We’re proud of our response to this pandemic thus-far, and will continue to adapt as needed.”