Local Banks Support Horizon Health Meals Program

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Local Banks Support Horizon Health Meals Program

The Horizon Health Meals on Wheels program recently received three additional gifts of $3,500 each from First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust, First Neighbor Bank, and Prospect Bank. First Farmers Bank & Trust previously made a $3,500 gift to the program as well.

These gifts, along with support from other organizations and individuals, have totaled nearly $20,000 under a recent community appeal by the Horizon Health Foundation of East Central Illinois.

“This generous support keeps Meals on Wheels affordable,” said Randi Bohannon, foundation executive director. “The price of a meal is $3 and has never increased thanks to community support for the program.”

The Horizon Health nutritional services staff prepares the meals, which are delivered by community volunteers. Meals are delivered inside the city limits of Paris. However, meals can be picked up by friends or family members for delivery to individuals who live outside of the city limits.

“We are extremely thankful to our local banks and others who support meal assistance in our communities,” Bohannon said. “In many instances, the recipients of these meals are homebound and face transportation, mobility, or health-related issues.”

Financial assistance is available to those who cannot afford meals. For more information about the Meals on Wheels program, call one of the phone numbers below:

Sign up to receive or deliver meals: 217-466-4326
Request assistance to pay for meals: 217-466-4298
Make a donation to Meals on Wheels: 217-465-1234