Horizon Health Offers Free Patient Transport, Valet Parking

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Horizon Health Offers Free Patient Transport, Valet Parking

What do Horizon Health's main campus, hotels, and airports have in common? They offer valet parking and transport services, of course!

Horizon Health began offering a free patient transport service in spring 2021. The service was later expanded to include valet parking. Both services are available Monday through Friday, from 7 am to 5 pm, at the hospital main entrance (ER side).

“Getting to medical appointments can be challenging, especially during bad weather and for patients who have limiting health conditions,” said Ollie Smith, Horizon Health president & CEO. “These services are an added convenience for our patients, and a way to say thank you for supporting and entrusting us with your healthcare.”

Patient Transport Service

Patients can request assistance to and from their vehicles by parking anywhere on the Horizon Health campus. To request assistance, call 217-712-9495. A transport team member will arrive to assist.

Patient transport also is available inside the clinic and hospital. For example, the transport team will assist a patient who needs to get from the clinic to the lab or radiology. The team also will take patients out to their vehicle. Patients can call the same transport service number or ask Horizon Health staff for assistance.

Valet Parking

Patients should drive up to the structure labeled “Transport Hub” outside the ER. Horizon Health staff are available to park their vehicles.

“Both services are extremely popular,” said Elisha Farmer, Horizon Health patient services manager. “In a typical month, we perform nearly 1,000 patient transports and provide valet parking for about 50 vehicles.”

Patients are encouraged to save the Horizon Health patient transport number in their cell phones (217-712-9495). The transport team is happy to assist!