‘Horizon Health has a great thing going’

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‘Horizon Health has a great thing going’

Champaign woman praises father’s hospital care

For more than 10 years, Mary Ann Poynter served as her mother’s healthcare advocate. As the primary caregiver, Mary Ann made healthcare choices and important decisions until her mother’s passing a year ago.

Mary Ann found herself as the primary caregiver again in May 2022 when her father, Jim, of Paris, was taken to the Horizon Health emergency room for a possible stroke. In this instance, her caregiver role was eased with help from Horizon Health staff. Nurses, physical therapists, and physicians, worked together to create a pleasant experience beyond traditional medical care, Mary Ann said.

In addition to the exceptional medical care her father received, Mary Ann said she appreciated learning about Horizon Health’s Meals on Wheels program. She also learned about a medication delivery service available from Pearman Pharmacy.

“My answer has always been that dad doesn’t qualify for any of that,” she said. “It’s nice to know something is available since I live in Champaign.”

Mary Ann praised Dr. Darren Brucken who cared for her father when he was admitted to the hospital following his ER visit. Dr. Brucken is a hospitalist physician and the director of Horizon Health’s inpatient medical services.

“Dr. Brucken was thorough, patient, and made sure we understood things,” she said. “He not only included me, but talked to my dad as well. He is a doctor who presents himself as a normal person. That’s important.”

Jim was diagnosed with vertebrobasilar insufficiency, which is reduced or stopped blood flow to the back of the brain. He has returned home and is doing well.

“We were very pleased with the care and support we received,” Mary Ann said. “Horizon Health has a great thing going.”