Horizon Health Foundation Donates Device to Help Identify Skin Cancer and More

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Horizon Health Foundation Donates Device to Help Identify Skin Cancer and More

The Horizon Health Foundation of East Central Illinois recently funded the purchase of a medical device that helps identify and treat instances of skin cancer and other skin conditions.

The Foundation’s donation of a hands-free visual enhancement system provides a clearer, more detailed view into the skin and below its surface than traditional viewing devices. The technology provides magnification clarity using polarized illuminating light to enhance the provider’s vision during exams and procedures.

The device will be used by Dr. Arturo Menchaca, full-time gynecologist/urogynecologist, who also performs dermatologic and cosmetic procedures.

“We are proud to support our providers with new technology that enhances patient care,” said Randi Bohannon, Foundation Executive Director.

Protecting your skin is important, especially in an agricultural community, Dr. Menchaca said.

“We greatly appreciate this gift from the Foundation,” he added. “As a farming community, we see a lot of skin cancer. This tool allows us to be more precise when removing affected tissue, especially during facial procedures. It is uncommon for a rural hospital of our size to have access to this technology.”

The Syris Scientific Visual Enhancement System will help reduce exam/procedure times while reducing recovery times for patients. It can be used during biopsies, skin exams/procedures, Botox or filler treatments, and tattoo removal.