Notice to Patients of Dr. Leland Phipps

Notice to Patients of Dr. Leland Phipps


Paris Community Hospital/Family Medical Center extends its deepest sympathy to the family, friends, and patients of Dr. Leland Phipps, who passed away May 22.

PCH/FMC’s team of providers is committed to supporting the practice of Dr. Phipps. They will work to keep his office hours as on-schedule as possible, including coverage from Susan Arp, FNP-C, and Dr. Mert Guinto.

Susan and Dr. Guinto will ensure a continuity of care for his patients, providing follow-up visits as well as addressing any new and/or ongoing needs.

Additionally, PCH/FMC is heavily recruiting for family medicine physician(s) to join the team of providers in the Family Medical Center.

If you have questions regarding your ongoing health needs, call the Paris Family Medical Center at 217-465-8411. Note that letters will be sent to all patients of Dr. Phipps.

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