Physician Trained to Offer Birth Control Implant

Physician Trained to Offer Birth Control Implant


Arturo Menchaca, MD, urogynecologist at Paris Community Hospital/Family Medical Center, recently completed training on the insertion and removal of Nexplanon, a small birth control implant that provides up to three years of pregnancy prevention and is more than 99 percent effective.

Nexplanon is placed just under the skin of the upper arm. It is comparable to an IUD, as it is a long-term birth control option. IUDs, however, are placed in the uterus rather than the arm. 

The implant process is simple and performed in a provider’s office. After the upper portion of the arm is numbed, the implant is placed just under the skin. The patient wears a small bandage for three to five days. 

Once implanted, Nexplanon prevents pregnancy by releasing a continuous dose of progestin, a hormone commonly found in birth control pills. Progestin keeps the egg from releasing from the ovaries and prevents sperm from reaching the egg. This process is the same for patients taking a birth control pill. The notable difference is the long-lasting effects of Nexplanon compared to the daily dosing needed to ensure effectiveness when taking the pill. Nexplanon is often preferred by patients who have trouble remembering to take a pill each day. 

“A similar product was on the market a few years ago,” said Dr. Menchaca. “It was recalled after many instances of improper insertion into the arm. That’s why this product requires education to learn the proper procedure before you can purchase it.”

Dr. Menchaca completed his mandatory training in January, which enabled him to begin ordering the product and offering it to his patients. 

“For me, it’s about giving my patients options,” said Dr. Menchaca. “I had a couple patients who asked me about Nexplanon after learning that there was no one locally who had been trained to provide it. I looked into it and decided it was something that could benefit my patients.”

If you are interested in learning more about Nexplanon, contact Dr. Menchaca’s office at 217-465-2606, Ext. 587.

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