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Med/Surg & ED Staffing

STAFFING HELP NEEDED FROM 12/14/2022 - 1/3/2023*

Please read below for updates/clarification on volunteer PAY INCENTIVE INCLUDING HOILDAY COVERAGE (12/20/22):

Please read below for updates/additional clarity regarding the Surge staffing incentive (12/14/22):

  1. At this time, we are specifically requesting help from RNs, LPNs, CMAs, CNAs, RTs, EMTs, & paramedics. If you can help in any way, please fill out the SURGE STAFFING FORM.
    1. Please sign up for the role that best fits your skillset/comfort level (An RN could sign up for a CMA/CNA role). The incentive payment will be allocated based on role assigned.
    2. We are happy to take volunteers who are not able to work full shifts, but no less than 4 hours.
  2. As an RN/LPN, you must be comfortable with one or more of the following tasks:
    1. Head-to-toe assessment
    2. Medication administration
    3. Dressings & treatments
    4. Proficiency in Athena EMR (preferred)
  3. As a CMA/CNA, you must be comfortable with one or more of the following tasks:
    1. Feeding patients
    2. Obtaining vital signs
    3. Hygiene duties
    4. Walking/turning patients
  4. Volunteers will only be processed through the online form. Texts, calls, and emails cannot be accepted.
  5. When filling out the form you MUST select a specific shift/date/time for the form to process correctly.
  6. Signing up does not assume that shift has been given to you. You will be contacted when scheduled. Once you have received acknowledgement that you are the one who the shift is assigned to, if you end up not being needed, 1/2 of the bonus of volunteer time will STILL be paid.
  7. We appreciate all employees who have reached out to help, and are so grateful for the support. At this time, our staffing needs are only those outlined above. We are working to create a “Labor Pool” to utilize additional skillsets.