The Technology Behind Your Local Critical Access Hospital

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man looking at computer screenAt Paris Community Hospital, we constantly search for ways to improve our level of patient care. From cardiac rehabilitation and infusion services to the wound care center and our occupational health department, we are on a mission to help pave the way for the future of healthcare, not only in Edgar County, but throughout Illinois.

An evolution of technology has been brewing behind the scenes of PCH’s imaging department. Imaging can be broken down into several categories, but the most common are X-ray, ultrasound, and MRI. By creating visual representations of the interior of the body, our healthcare providers are able to reveal and diagnose diseases and injuries faster and with greater accuracy. So it’s easy to understand the importance of medical imaging in today’s healthcare world.


Medical imaging is vital to healthcare, and Paris Community Hospital has improved imaging management, especially in the areas of cardiology, orthopedics, and trauma. Imagine a trauma case where minutes, if not seconds, are critical to saving someone’s life. At PCH, trauma patients are transferred to a Level 1 trauma center. The old form of image transfer required the patient’s medical images to be burned to a CD and then travel with the patient to the trauma center. The trauma team would then download the images and prepare for treatment.

Paris Community Hospital now has the capability to send the medical images securely over the internet within minutes—well before the patient arrives. The medical professionals at the receiving hospital can prepare for needed treatments or surgery by reading and studying the images before the patient even arrives.

When managing the healthcare needs of our patients, PCH has the ability to send images to over 40 healthcare locations.

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