PCH/FMC Offers New Treatment for Pain, Injury Recovery

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Paris Community Hospital/Family Medical Center is the first in the Wabash Valley to offer a new cutting-edge, therapeutic laser treatment that helps manage pain and promote healing of injuries and other debilitating conditions.

MLS, or Multi-Wave Locked System, laser therapy is now available within the hospital’s rehabilitation department. MLS is the only laser of its kind, as in combines two wavelengths of light therapy simultaneously, compared to other lasers that only have one.

“Extensive research supports the safe and effective use of light therapy in improving patients’ pain and healing, even at the cellular level. It is a great alternative to pain medication,” said Morgan Kincaid, doctor of physical therapy and PCH/FMC rehab manager.

The MLS laser promotes healing by increasing circulation and decreasing inflammation, which results in pain relief. MLS Laser Therapy is a non-surgical treatment that can benefit many conditions, including arthritis and joint pain, bursitis, tendonitis, sports injuries, swelling, peripheral neuropathy, and non-healing wounds.

The laser was purchased using generous donations from PCH/FMC’s November 2016 fundraising event–Eveland Basket “Ball”…A Hospital Hoopla. The sold-out event featured 240 attendees and raised $60,000.

“The support from our communities was overwhelming,” said Cindy Belt, physician relations/business development manager at PCH/FMC and event organizer. “The attendees viewed the event as a way to support the great things that are happening at the hospital.”

In addition to being safe and noninvasive, the laser treatment is not painful, Kincaid said.
“One of the laser’s slogans is ‘no pain, all gain,’” Kincaid explained. “The laser can do no harm and should never make a patient’s pain worse.”

On average, a laser treatment takes about eight minutes to complete. Positive results for acute injuries are typically seen after 6 to 8 treatments, while results for chronic injuries are typically seen after 10 to 12 treatments.

“We’ve been using the laser in conjunction with a regular therapy program, which typically include manual treatments in combination with exercise, and have seen great success,” Kincaid said. “Some patients have instant relief with continued improvement within the first 24 hours of treatment.”

Kincaid added: “It's truly amazing that such a small town is able to offer this new cutting-edge treatment option for patients. It’s another tool in our toolbox for improving a person’s pain level and quality of life.”

MLS Laser Therapy is performed by licensed therapists in the PCH/FMC rehab department. To get started, a simple physical therapy referral is needed from your healthcare provider. For more information, contact the Paris Community Hospital Rehab Department at (217) 465-2606, Ext. 244.