What Is Healthy Aging Month?

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What Is Healthy Aging Month?

Over 20 years ago, editor-in-chief of Healthy Aging Magazine, Carolyn Worthington, realized there was a need to promote physical and mental wellness among aging individuals.

Targeting people ages 45 and over, Worthington aimed to encourage these individuals to turn over a new leaf and take total control of their lives. Eventually, this initiative gained a following and September was declared as Healthy Aging Month.

National recognition of this effort garnered attention from various companies and organizations that catered to aging individuals. More than 20 years later, Healthy Aging Month is still going strong and prompting millions of seniors to reinvent themselves in their golden years.

By educating and encouraging the aging members of our society, they have a support system in place to make healthy lifestyle changes that will improve their quality of life for many years to come.

Ways to Celebrate

To celebrate Healthy Aging Month, various publications, websites, and organizations provide seniors with tips and information on aging positively and with dignity. In turn, seniors are prompted to heed this advice, not only in September, but throughout the year. The focus during Healthy Aging Month is placed equally on both mental and physical health.

Consider these five simple ways to celebrate Healthy Aging Month:

  1. Get a Physical

If you have been putting off your annual physical, schedule an appointment to have an assessment of your overall health. Follow the doctor's orders and take prescribed medications as directed to ensure that you remain healthy and feel your best. Free annual “wellness visits” are provided through Medicare. To schedule a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit at Paris Community Hospital, call the Care Coordinator at (217) 465-2606, Ext. 4748

  1. Take a Dream Vacation

Stop settling for mundane vacations! If you have a lifelong dream of visiting an exotic island or exploring Rome, make it a reality. Fulfilling this lifelong goal will provide plenty of excitement and relaxation.

  1. Volunteer Your Time

Many retired individuals suffer from frequent boredom and are always searching for new ways to be productive. Consider volunteering your spare time to benefit causes near and dear to your heart.

  1. Start a New Exercise Regime

Whether you prefer to take a brisk morning walk or enjoy the fast pace of an aerobics class, Healthy Aging Month is a great time to change your regime. Consider taking a new class with friends or walking in groups to ensure an enjoyable experience that you look forward to.

  1. Take a Class

There is no age limit on learning. Regardless of your age, you can always learn a new skill or craft. Sign up for a class to learn something you have always been passionate or curious about.