Horizon Health Saves Patients Money on Prescription Drugs

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Horizon Health Saves Patients Money on Prescription Drugs

Living with diabetes has a cost.

For Richard Britton, of Clinton, Indiana, the cost was nearly $14,000 a year for the life-saving insulin he needs.

But thanks to a money-saving prescription drug program available through Horizon Health, Britton no longer pays for his insulin. And that’s important. At age 74, he needs several insulin shots a day for Type 1 diabetes, which he has managed since he was five years old.

“The insulin was a huge expense for me,” said Britton. “I had to watch where my money went and make sure I had enough to get insulin.”

Britton’s savings were possible through Horizon Health’s partnership with Nationwide Prescription Connection (NPC). The service is paid for by Horizon Health and free to patients. NPC connects patients with money-saving programs that help them get the prescription medicines they need, but cannot afford.

“I had medical coverage but was still paying out-of-pocket,” Britton explained. “The insurance copay is what nailed me.”

Britton has participated in the service for the past year. He learned about it from Dr. Edward Rico, endocrinologist, whose office handled all the paperwork needed for Britton to realize the savings. All providers at Horizon Health can refer patients to the service.

“People should definitely discuss it with their physician,” Britton said. “You have to ask and make sure you are pursuing all the different avenues that are available to assist you.”

Despite having Medicare coverage and a supplement, the cost of insulin for Gerald Monk, of Marshall, was more than $16,000 a year. It is now free through the NPC program.

Like Britton, Dr. Rico’s office managed the process for Monk, who requires insulin for Type 2 diabetes.

“They’ve been good about getting my medicine,” said Monk, age 71. “They have helped me considerably.”

NPC identifies drug-specific programs to help patients save money on a variety of high-cost medications, including inhalers and blood thinners. This eliminates the burden of patients having to find those programs themselves, which can be time consuming and confusing. What’s more, a medication may qualify for multiple discount programs, with each having its own eligibility requirements and application process.

Britton and Monk have experienced the best program benefits possible in receiving their prescriptions at no cost. While NPC can never guarantee free prescriptions, it can significantly reduce costs.

“This program saves our patients tens of thousands of dollars a year in prescription drug costs,” said Martin Adams, Horizon Health vice president of finance and chief financial officer. “The amount a person saves depends on their unique situation. There is a process to qualify for the service, which is based on income, insurance coverage, and other factors.”

To learn more about the discounted drug program at Horizon Health, talk to your healthcare provider.