Medicare Wellness Visits

Preventative Services 

Annual wellness visits and checkups are vital to help prevent illness, manage existing conditions and maintain your overall health. Luckily, Medicare covers an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) for those who have been enrolled for over a year.

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Medicare Wellness Visits

Take a look at some frequently asked questions about Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visit: 

What does the Annual Wellness Visit cost?

Annual Wellness Visits won’t cost you anything out of pocket. However, you may be required to pay a copayment or deductible expense if additional services are performed or ordered by your doctor.

When can I schedule an Annual Wellness Visit?

If you’ve been enrolled in Medicare for more than 12 months, you are eligible for an Annual Wellness Visit. You can return for another AWV 12 months after your previous visit.

What can I expect during an Annual Wellness Visit?

The physician will ask you questions and review your medical history, take routine measurements like height, weight, and blood pressure, perform a potential risk assessment, and offer advice for treatment options if necessary. Annual Wellness Visits are designed to offer excellence in preventive health and wellness.

Is the Annual Wellness Visit the same as an annual physical?

No. An annual physical includes more in-depth examinations than an Annual Wellness Visit, but an AWV will still provide your physician with the knowledge he/she needs to efficiently manage your healthcare.

Can I get an Annual Wellness Visit within the first 12 months of having Medicare?

No, but Medicare provides you with a “Welcome to Medicare” visit within the first 12 months, which is similar to an AWV. The “Welcome to Medicare” visit is also covered by Medicare so you are not required to pay anything out of pocket.

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