February is National Senior Independence Month

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February is National Senior Independence Month

One of life’s greatest blessings is the privilege of living to a “ripe old age” where some of the heavier responsibilities of life drop off our shoulders. We finally have the time and opportunity to enjoy some of the privileges we’ve put off. Now is the time to relax and celebrate the harvest of our life’s labors. We can be rid of the proverbial alarm clock that ruled our days and shortened our nights. We can indulge in activities of the mind, body and spirit to our heart’s content, and a content heart is our best attitude and our ultimate goal.

Edgar A. Guest stated that “no one is old who wakes with joy to greet another day.” You’ve had a long time to discover what gives you joy throughout your days, but if you’ve spent your life bringing joy to others and haven’t found something special that brings you happiness, here are some ideas to contemplate for yourself.

Activities to challenge your mind:

  • Take a class to learn about something you’ve always wanted to know
  • Indulge in a hobby such as knitting or cooking
  • Attend musical performances—outdoors and in great halls
  • Read books you’ve not had time for or join a book club
  • Write a daily journal
  • Travel

Activities to encourage physical exercise:

  • Walk through your neighborhood, local park, along the beach or in the mall
  • Ride bicycle trail
  • Take a dance class
  • Swim laps at the pool
  • Enjoy a round of golf
  • Join a bowling league

Activities to enrich your spirit:

  • Get involved with a civic organization
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Volunteer your time and services
  • Enjoy the activities at your local senior center
  • Become involved in a mentoring program

Take advantage of the physical, mental and spiritual opportunities that will bring you delight and a content heart. Take challenges that widen your horizons. Perhaps we’ll find that a content heart will keep us young at heart after all. If you or a loved one needs counseling or care in meeting life’s challenges, contact our Senior Care program where “always gaining excellence” is our standard.