Message about COVID-19 testing

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We understand testing related to COVID-19 continues to be frustrating. We hear you; it’s frustrating for us too. We are caring for our friends, family, community members, and peers. Their health impacts our health.

Please understand that we are following the most recent guidance provided by the CDC and IDPH, while working within the constraints of limited testing supplies. We do believe COVID-19 exists within our community, and strongly urge everyone to continue socially distancing...even when outside and over Easter weekend. #flattenthecurve

The most recent testing guidelines provided by IDPH are as follows (4-7-2020):

  • Hospitalized (inpatients) with suspect COVID-19
  • Individuals with suspect COVID-19 who are residents of a congregate setting that serves a vulnerable population and are part of a potential cluster of COVID-19
  • Outpatients with suspect COVID-19 who are involved in front-line COVID-19 response (healthcare and public safety workers—EMS, law enforcement, firefighters)
  • Outpatients with suspect COVID-19 who are employees in residential congregate settings serving vulnerable populations

Please remember that testing does not change the course of treatment. Patients with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 should assume they are positive and follow IDPH/CDC guidance regarding quarantine.

If you have a specific concern about the treatment you received, please let us know by calling 217-466-4857.