Horizon Health Foundation Supports Purchase of High-Tech Floor Scrubber

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Horizon Health Foundation Supports Purchase of High-Tech Floor Scrubber

As Horizon Health grows its physical space, so does the need to keep those facilities clean and safe.

With a generous gift from the Horizon Health Foundation of East Central Illinois, Horizon Health recently purchased a high-tech floor cleaning machine for its hospital campus in Paris.

“When it comes to investments in local healthcare, we are proud to support equipment and technology,” said Randi Bohannon, Foundation Executive Director.

The compact floor scrubber is powered by artificial intelligence and robotic technology. It is designed for autonomous cleaning (self-operating) alongside patients and staff, while navigating around obstacles. It can be ridden by a person or operate independently. It can generate reports and send a text message when a job is completed.

“The machine can clean a floor in about half the time it takes a person,” said Whitney Sprinkle, environmental services/housekeeping manager at Horizon Health. “However, it is not replacing any staff. It will make their jobs a little easier and free them up to do other things.”

The scrubber’s advanced technology electrically converts tap water into a detergent-free solution for safe and effective cleaning. It is cost-effective and environmentally friendly compared to traditional floor cleaning chemicals, Whitney said. It doesn’t leave behind residue, which minimizes the risk of slips and falls.

Over a three-week period, the machine has cleaned more than 162,000 square feet of flooring, Whitney explained. It is operating independently more than 70 percent of the time and has been “taught” to clean nine different locations throughout the Horizon Health campus.

Transport chairs

The Horizon Health Foundation of East Central Illinois also provided funding for the purchase of 10 patient transport chairs, also known as Staxi chairs. Unlike traditional wheelchairs, Staxi chairs have an operator braking system, a non-folding frame, and lifting arm rests for easy entry and exit. Staxi chairs are often used in the healthcare, airline, and hospitality industries.