Horizon Health Foundation Purchases Heart Monitor

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Horizon Health Foundation Purchases Heart Monitor

Dr. Frey contributes funds to support rehab department

The Edgar County community has a big heart for supporting local healthcare.

The Horizon Health Foundation recently purchased a portable heart monitor for the hospital's cardiopulmonary rehab department. The purchase was made possible by a monetary gift from Dr. Marilyn Frey, psychologist and long-time hospital donor.

"We are grateful to Dr. Frey, who continues to a big supporter of patient care initiatives at Horizon Health,” said Randi Bohannon, foundation executive director.

Known as a Holter monitor – or a portable electrocardiogram – the small, wearable device records the heart's rhythm. It is used to detect or determine the risk of irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias). Unlike traditional Holter monitors, the newest generation of monitors are smaller, less bulky and attach to the chest with an adhesive patch. They are less than two inches in size and weigh just half an ounce.

“We have an incredible rehab department with great people working there,” Dr. Frey said. “I wanted to do something for them and knew there was a need for another monitor.”

With the latest donation, the cardiopulmonary rehab department now has 12 of the devices, said Shannon Jones, cardiopulmonary rehab supervisor.

“This newest technology was introduced about three years ago and provides continuous monitoring for up to 14 days,” Shannon said. “Older models only provide readings for three days. Also, patients can now swim and shower while wearing their monitor.”

A Holter monitor requires a provider’s order. At Horizon Health, the cardiopulmonary department manages the device placement and data collection prior to provider evaluation.