Horizon Health Foundation Receives Donation Honoring Indianapolis Teen

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Horizon Health Foundation Receives Donation Honoring Indianapolis Teen

A new “CuddleCot” in the Horizon Health emergency room is more than a bereavement device to help families cope with the death of an infant. It is a tribute to Zachary Warrick, 18, of Indianapolis, who lost his life in a tragic accident last May in rural Paris. Zachary passed away in the ER.

Zachary’s family, ER staff, and others gathered at Horizon Health February 28 to witness the donation of the CuddleCot by He Knows Your Name ministry of Indianapolis.

The gift was made through the Horizon Health Foundation in memory of Zachary for his life accomplishments and as a devoted Christian. As a student of Heritage Christian School, he was remembered for leading a fundraising campaign to purchase a CuddleCot for an Indiana Hospital.

The gift to Horizon Health was the ministry’s first CuddleCot donation in Illinois, said Linda Znachko, ministry founder.

“When we found out about Zachary’s death, we had to make a donation,” Linda said. “He truly was one of a kind.”

A CuddleCot gives grieving families the “gift of time” with their deceased child. The portable unit pumps cool water through a hose into a thin pad, preserving the baby’s body. This allows the family to be at the child’s side longer before burial. The mat can be placed in any Moses basket or bassinet.

In addition to the CuddleCot, the ministry donated infant burial gowns made from wedding dresses, a dedication book featuring Zachary, and an illustrated book that explains child loss to children.

Zachary’s parents, Rebecca and Paul, thanked Dr. Shawn Robertson and the Horizon Health ER staff for their attempts to save their son.

“Thank you for what you did and what you tried to do to help him,” Paul said. “You should not feel guilt. He went away in peace.”

Rebecca added, “Those five hours with him [in the ER] were hugely important. This donation to Horizon Health is a way of giving others precious time with their family.”

He Knows Your Name Ministry ensures every child receives a name in life, and dignity and honor in death. The ministry was founded in 2009 when the body of a newborn baby, dressed only in a diaper, was found in downtown Indianapolis.

Horizon Health wants to share the CuddleCot with the community. If you have a need for the CuddleCot, call 217-465-4141.