Horizon Health Accepting Sewn Face Masks

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Horizon Health is taking local residents up on their offer to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“People in our communities are amazing on how they pull together during a time of crisis,” said Erin Frank, marketing manager at Horizon Health. “They know about the nationwide shortage of protective face masks and want to help by making and donating masks.”

Though Horizon Health isn’t in dire need of medical-grade face masks at this time, it will gladly accept donations of sewn masks, Erin said. Though some supplies do exist in-house, most masks cannot be ordered at this time. Current supplies may be all that is available for an indefinite amount of time.

Currently, Horizon Health is being very conservative with surgical masks and other personal protective equipment. CDC guidance continues to be referenced to ensure the safety of patients and staff.

“If we were to experience a face mask shortage, it could happen quickly and getting more could be difficult,” Erin explained. “So, having a back-up supply, even if they’re not medical-grade, would be extremely helpful."

Sewn face masks may be used throughout the hospital and community as the need arises.

How to donate

  • Cloth face masks are being accepted. A sewing tutorial is available here. If you have some made that do not match this template, we’d be happy to accept those as well.
  • Elastic straps are preferred, but cotton tie straps can be used.
  • Bundle masks in no more than 25 increments in a sealed zip lock bag.
  • Drop off face masks at the Paris Community Hospital shipping/receiving dock. Ring the doorbell and someone will assistant you. Please do not enter the building.

For more information, call Erin Frank at 217-466-4287.