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Coronavirus Updates

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Update March 27: Clinic operations

COVID-19 updates seem to come hourly. As this global pandemic continues to evolve, Horizon Health is continuously evaluating their operations to follow the guidelines of professional societies and industry standards.

As the organization works to navigate these times of uncertainty, Horizon Health is working to find the balance between keeping our communities safe and honoring the governmental orders of social distance and shelter-in-place, while still providing all the necessary care for our patients.

Please note the following regarding Horizon Health’s Paris, Chrisman, and Oakland Clinics, beginning Friday, March 27, 2020.

  • New Respiratory Care Center—A portion of the Acklin-Shackelford Clinic at the Paris location is being dedicated to a Respiratory Care Center. This clinic is appropriate for patients who have acute respiratory symptoms that could be consistent with COVID-19, Influenza, or related diseases, including fever, cough, tiredness, and difficulty breathing. To access this clinic, call 217-466-4833. Clinic hours are 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. A phone call prior to your arrival is required so that you can be given specific instructions.
    • A COVID-19 symptom checker is available (see link above). It’s a great place to start, should you think you are experiencing symptoms.
  • Telemedicine—Many of our providers are offering telemedicine visits. Call 217-465-8411 and ask to speak to your providers office regarding a telemedicine visit. Visits can be conducted through a smartphone or computer/tablet with internet access. Like traditional office visits, these visits are scheduled in advance and billed through insurance.
  • Keeping our patients well—In an effort to keep everyone in good health, Paris, Chrisman, and Oakland Clinics will be dedicating hours of operation for well visits and separate hours of operation for sick visits. All patients will continue to be screened for symptoms of COVID-19. A conversation with staff will determine which visit is right for you.
    • Well Visits in the mornings, from 8:30 – 11:30am
    • Sick Visits in the afternoons, from 1:30 – 5pm
  • Patient Portal—The Patient Portal is always a good option! Through the portal you can ask your provider a question, request a prescription refill, reschedule an appointment, and more. Click here to learn more.
  • Reminder regarding visitor restrictions:
    • No visitors are permitted on the inpatient unit. Exceptions will be made for end-of-life visits.
    • Clinic patients and hospital outpatients should come alone if possible. One caretaker may be permitted with children and adults that require assistance.
  • Information and questions:
    • For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19, follow the Horizon Health Facebook page.
    • Check with page for updates.
    • Call 217-465-8411, and ask for clinic advisory.

Update March 26: We are accepting sewn face masks

Horizon Health is taking local residents up on their offer to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“People in our communities are amazing on how they pull together during a time of crisis,” said Erin Frank, marketing manager at Horizon Health. “They know about the nationwide shortage of protective face masks and want to help by making and donating masks.”

Though Horizon Health isn’t in dire need of medical-grade face masks at this time, it will gladly accept donations of sewn masks, Erin said. Though some supplies do exist in-house, most masks cannot be ordered at this time. Current supplies may be all that is available for an indefinite amount of time.

Currently, Horizon Health is being very conservative with surgical masks and other personal protective equipment. CDC guidance continues to be referenced to ensure the safety of patients and staff.

“If we were to experience a face mask shortage, it could happen quickly and getting more could be difficult,” Erin explained. “So, having a back-up supply, even if they’re not medical-grade, would be extremely helpful."

Sewn face masks may be used throughout the hospital and community as the need arises.

How to donate

  • Cloth face masks are being accepted. See the sewing tutorial below. If you have some made that do not match this template, we’d be happy to accept those as well.
  • Elastic straps are preferred, but cotton tie straps can be used.
  • Bundle masks in no more than 25 increments in a sealed zip lock bag.
  • Drop off face masks at the Paris Community Hospital shipping/receiving dock. Ring the doorbell and someone will assistant you. Please do not enter the building.

For more information, call Erin Frank at 217-466-4287.

Horizon Health is accepting sewn face masks. If you have some made that do not match this template, we’d be happy to accept those as well.

Update March 19: Testing

Information released from the Illinois Department of Public Health states that testing is only necessary if the patient’s symptoms are severe enough to require hospitalization, or if he/she has been in contact with someone in the community who is a confirmed COVID-19 patient.

  • If you think you have the virus and are experiencing a cough or fever, it does not mean you need to see your provider or be tested.
  • It does mean that you need to socially isolate, distance yourself from others, maintain good hygiene and good cough etiquette, rest and get plenty of fluids, treat with over the counter medications, and call your provider if your symptoms worsen.
  • It’s important to understand that testing will not determine the clinical care that is delivered. Because COVID-19 is a respiratory virus, your treatment plan will not change.

Our main goal is to stop the spread of the virus. That is why social distancing and isolation are so important.

Paris Clinic Pharmacy

Prescriptions can still be picked up, but you will need to be screened to enter the building. If you would like your prescription to be delivered, please contact the pharmacy at (217) 465-4114..

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, please note the following patient safety tips and procedural changes at Horizon Health, beginning Tuesday, March 17:

  • Anyone with symptoms of Coronavirus should call before visiting to allow adequate preparation and reduce exposure to staff and other patients. Call 217-465-8411, and ask to speak to the advisory nurse. After 5 pm, call 217-465-4141.
  • No visitors are permitted on the inpatient unit. Exceptions will be made for end-of-life visits.
  • Clinic patients should come alone if possible. One caretaker will be allowed when necessary.
  • ALL staff and visitors must be screened before entering the building. A screening tent will be set up on the ED side of the building (east) at the entrance to the Acklin-Shackelford entrance. All other entrances will be locked with one exception: patients utilizing Rehabilitation Services will be screened as they enter that area.
  • Outlying clinics will remain open for sick visits only. Note that those clinics are NOT appropriate if you feel you are experiencing Coronavirus symptoms.
  • If you have any questions or concerns at all, please call do NOT come to the hospital or clinics. . Call 217-465-8411, and ask to speak to the advisory nurse. After 5 pm, call 217-465-4141.


  • Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab classes
  • All hospital-sponsored after-hours events
  • All appointments with visiting providers
  • Well visits and other non-essential clinic visits are being rescheduled
  • Hospital gift shop closed
  • Cafeteria closed


Horizon Health is doing its part to protect the public from the coronavirus (COVID-19), which is spread from person-to-person through a cough or sneeze.

As a patient or visitor at our facility, please note the following:

  • Ask the right questions. When making an appointment by phone, and when physically registering as a patient, expect to be asked additional questions related to symptoms and travel.
  • Follow respiratory hygiene procedures at clinics and the hospital. If entering healthcare facilities with a cough or other symptoms, know that you will be asked to wear a mask and disinfect your hands.
  • Don’t insist on testing; your provider will determine if you need tested. Respiratory diseases are viral. Testing does not change the course of treatment. Testing kits are in low supply and not readily available.
  • Cover your cough—even at home. Cough/sneeze into your elbow or use a tissue to cover your mouth.
  • Use general prevention. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, and wash hands appropriately.
  • Stay home. Don’t visit others in the hospital. Earlier this year, we enacted temporary visitor restrictions. These restrictions are still in effect.


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