Medicare offers free Annual Wellness Visits

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Medicare offers free Annual Wellness Visits

To help keep seniors as healthy as possible, Medicare offers free annual “wellness visits” intended to prevent problems before they begin.

Welcome to Medicare Visit

Medicare covers this one-time introductory visit within the first 12 months a person has Medicare Part B (medical insurance). The visit includes a review of medical and social history and education about preventive services, such as screenings, immunizations, and referrals for other care that may be needed.

Annual Wellness Visit

This visit can take place every 12 months. It is not an actual head-to- toe physical exam.

At this visit, a personalized prevention plan is developed or updated. This may include completing a “Health Risk Assessment,” which examines health status, injury risks, risky behaviors, and health needs to promote wellness. A thorough review of medications also is performed.

During the Annual Wellness Visit, a nurse will take a complete health history. This includes the following:

  • Screenings to detect depression, risk of falling, and other conditions
  • A limited exam to check blood pressure, weight, height, vision, and other things depending on age, gender, and level of activity
  • Recommendations for other wellness services and healthy lifestyle changes are noted